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Handing Out Freedom Flyers

Freedom Flyer Database

We are currently working on our database of printable and downloadable flyers in PDF format. Please send any flyers you have, and any information you wish us to include on flyers, to

Thank You!

Flyers are in PDF format, which means they usually take longer to load than a webpage.

Let's End Hunger & Poverty
This flyer has facts about hunger and poverty, both in the United States and across the world. Print this flyer out and use it to make a call to end world hunger.

The Ideas of Anarchism
This flyer describes anarchism and answers some common questions about anarchism.

Fight Violent Crime! (Not Victimless Crimes!)
This flyer has solid facts about violent crime rates and the costs of the enforcement of victimless crimes. Print a few copies and hand them out to support the fight against rape, murder, kidnapping, and other forms of victimization.

This flyer has statistics about reading. The average American person spends 28 hours a week watching TV, but hasn't read a book since highschool.

Cow Slaughter
This color flyer has a graphic image of a cow being slaughtered. Use this flyer to show people the cruelty involved in meat production. You can promote animal rights and oppose animal cruelty. For more information, visit

Free Burma!
This is a flyer about the protests in Burma. It has some fast facts and a picture of monks marching.

Support The Burmese People
This is a full-color flyer that calls for support for the Burmese people and their struggle against an oppressive military government. It's horizontal, so make sure you print it in "landscape" format.

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We added a new article about free speech. Check it out: Freedom of Speech

We launched the website today. Please submit any flyers (preferably in PDF format) and information (with sources) that you want included in our database.

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